About us


The history of JWS Gruppen started with Jansen & Willumsens Services AS (JWS AS)  which was founded in 1997 with 4 employees and 5 shareholders. The shares were eventually acquired by Jan Jansen who now owns 100% through Jansen Invest.

Initially the company mainly performed cleaning on- and offshore. In 1999 JWS had it’s first cuttings handling job. In 2000 JWS entered into a frame agreement with Norsk Hydro and Odfjell Drilling. These agreements requires more equipment and JWS invests in nine high pressure washers and a vacuum unit in 2001. In 2002 JWS gets a contract with Odfjell for personnel to operate the slurry units and delivery of high pressure washers for the Ekofisk field. This contract had a duration of 9 years. After this JWS slowly but surely grew on deliveries of vacuum equipment and handling of cuttings.

The first “big” total delivery on cuttings handling comes in 2005 Njord Alpha. Later this year JWS also gets a total delivery to West Alpha. The first proprietary cuttings handling unit is built in 2006 in connection with the award of the contract on Sleipner A. Meanwhile, JWS grows to about 30 employees (2007) and got its own office building in Jørpeland. Later growth followed and as a result of our overall strategy, JWS Engineering is established in 2011. This is a company that will develop and build new equipment in addition to being responsible for servicing and repairs of existing equipment. In addition, an acquisition of Kristiansund Industry AS (KIAS) is made. This is a company which is located adjacent to Vestbase in Kristiansund and delivers various mechanical services in addition to cleaning tanks onshore. JWS Gruppen has since developed several product segments including having its own solution on Swarf handling. JWS Gruppen has also become a supplier who can put the clients, or our own ideas, to life through Engineering, Construction and Operation. The company has continued to grow and is as of 2013 80 employees.

Our strategy

JWS Gruppen shall be a company that is perceived as a flexible company that offers complete solutions to its customers within our product segments. JWS Gruppen will always search for the best solution for our customers and shall be known to solve their customers challenges. Customers should always have the feeling that they are being taken seriously and that JWS Gruppen always delivers what is agreed upon. We shall always be future-oriented in our thinking and always try to improve equipment and methods. We shall, through good education and varied assignments for our operators ensure that personnel are cross-trained. JWS Gruppen will always seek equipment and methods that ensure our employees’ health.