JWSE have highly competent personnel who specializes in documentation.

ProArc is JWSE’s electronic archive for project documentation. Quantity of documents and the type of documents to be delivered in a project must be cleared with the customer in advance of the project, either in the form of a prepared SMDL (Supplier Master Document List) or, for small projects, by a written agreement about the quantity and format.

Technical documents are handled by the DCC

All technical documentation shall include the title, document number, revision number and project number. In addition, system number, area code, subtype (document type) may be used.

To ensure standardization of such labeling, Technical Frontpage is used on most technical documents.

Technical Frontpage also includes the revision history of documents.

In most projects, the client requirements for final documentation will control design, and their document templates are used. Facilitation of customer document templates in ProArc is only done when the volume is large enough that adaptation efforts can be justified.