JWSE performs study reports aimed at offshore/ onshore . We have engineers and technical personnel with extensive offshore experience to assist in the study phase.

Examples of processes related to offshore studies:

  1. Clarification meeting with the customer to define the scope of the study report.
  2. Planning of activities to be performed before going offshore.
    • Technical solutions, safety/ HSE, clarifications of necessary permissions etc.
  3. Offshore travels
    • Surveying the intended areas.
    • Identify alternative locations/solutions.
    • Dialogue with relevant departments offshore regarding proposed solutions.
    • Check our intended location against other future projects in the same area.
  4. Offshore report
    • Technical report describing all technical solutions, location, safety/ HSE, transport options for equipment etc.
    • Cost estimate of solution.
    • Timeplan for installation, commissioning, hand over
  5. Presentation of solution
    • Handover meeting with customer, stepping through the survey report.