Breathable Air Compressor

DSCF0409We use a Breathable Air Compressor (BAC) from E-innovation, called the E Compressor:

The device is designed to be user friendly, secure and designed to operate even in EX zone 1.

Local gas alert at the end of the air intake will cause the system to immediately halt gas values that exceed allowable limits. This is signaled locally and at the rig. If the unit shuts down for this, or any other, reason, we have developed a backup solution that is automatically triggered and supplies air to the users from an internal scba tank.

E Compressor is 100% oil-free, and therefore eliminates the possibility for faulty oil separation that will contaminate the air. A 30 meter (98 ft) flexible air duct is used to ensure that incoming air is collected from an uncontaminated area.

For more information, go the E-innovations site