Who we are

JWS Gruppen is an International provider of drill cuttings- and Swarf handling, rig cleaning, engineering and mechanical work, headquartered in Norway. The company has since its inception as JWS in 1997 performed jobs in most areas of the North Sea.
We deliver customized solutions to our customers and have a staff of highly qualified employees, which enables us to perform services from idea to design and execution, with equipment and personnel.

Our Experience

The history of JWS Gruppen started with Jansen & Willumsen Services AS (JWS AS) which was founded in 1997 with 4 employees and 5 shareholders. The company was acquired by Jan Jansen (one of the founders) who now owns 100% through Jansen Invest.

Initially the company mainly performed cleaning on- and offshore. In 1999 JWS had its first cuttings handling job. In 2000 JWS entered into a frame agreement with Norsk Hydro and Odfjell Drilling. These agreements required more equipment and JWS invested in nine high pressure washers and a vacuum unit in 2001. In 2002 JWS received a contract with Odfjell for personnel to operate slurry units and the delivery of high pressure washers for the Ekofisk field. This contract had a duration of 9 years. On the back of this contract JWS slowly but surely grew on deliveries of vacuum equipment and handling of cuttings.

The first major total delivery on cuttings handling took place in 2005 on Njord Alpha. Later that year JWS also secured a total delivery to West Alpha. The first proprietary cuttings handling unit was built in 2006 in connection with the award of a contract on Sleipner A. Meanwhile, JWS had grown to about 30 employees (2007) and purchased an office building in Jørpeland. Later growth followed and because of our overall strategy, JWS Engineering was established in 2011 as a subsidiary to develop and build new equipment in addition to being responsible for servicing and repairs of existing equipment. In addition, an acquisition of Kristiansund Industry AS (KIAS) was completed. KIAS is located adjacent to Vestbase in Kristiansund and delivers various mechanical services in addition to cleaning tanks onshore. In 2021 JWS expanded its operations internationally and opened a subsiduary in Canada, JWS Offshore Services Ltd.

JWS Gruppen continues to develop several product segments including having a custom solution on Swarf handling. JWS Gruppen has also become a supplier who can bring ideas, the clients or our own, to life through Engineering, Construction and Operation.

In 2018 JWS was awarded a Master Service Agreement with Seadrill that so far has yielded two long term contracts. The first on West Hercules for handling cuttings and slops treatment with JWS equipment and personnel.

In 2019 we were awarded a long-term contract on West Elara for slurry treatment on the rig.

In 2019 we secured a Master Supply & Services Contract with Valaris, culminating in a contract for P&A jobs on Rowan Norway. The delivery was a Swarf unit solution tailored to the rig (including custom conveyors to increase skip reach) and personnel to operate the unit.

Major contracts/agreements

  • 2013 Equinor: Frame Contract Swarf Handling and Cleaning Services.
  • 2018 Bilfinger: Frame Agreement all Services.
  • 2018 Baker Hughes: Global Master Subcontract Agreement.
  • 2018 Transocean: Frame Agreement / General SOW.
  • 2018 Seadrill: Master Service Agreement.
  • 2019 ConocoPhillips: Master Agreement Services and Associated Goods.
  • 2019 Valaris: Master Supply & Services Contract.

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The Team

Kenneth Jansen

Chief Executive Officer

Lars Bruset

Chief Financial Officer

Bengt Bjørheim


Jan Jansen

Founder & CSO

Trond Olav Strand

Project Manager

Markus Jansen


Heine Salte

Chief Operating Officer

Terje Tjøstheim

Operations Manager

Øyvind Førland

Maintenance Manager